Playlist Heaven

(Sorry Apple Music ppl, Spotify here.)

One of my great loves is to create playlists for my many moods.

So, I thought I would be the kind person I am and create a blog post to house them all for you!

Scroll down to view them by category, mood, or occasion.

This page may take a moment to fully load (especially on desktop) - there are a lot of embeds and it moves at a snail’s pace for a moment.

Rainy Day / Melancholy


Rich harmonics, transient vocals and soothing instrumentals. Perfect for rainy days.


Melancholy and chill tunes to make you feel all of the feelings.

Fuzzy Feelings


Just some tunes to give you the warm & fuzzies.

When I want to vibe…

Slow Vibes

I got called out at a bar when I played a bunch of these songs for playing “baby making music” so…


Just some tunes that bring in a little electronic feel and make me wiggle. Especially when doing things like dishes or laundry.

Happy, Happy

Jennuine Good Vibes

Made this for my friend Jenn (and myself) and she said it was “too happy”. What’s too happy and who believes in this shit?! I love her anyway, it’s okay. Kind of earth child vibes with some mantra peppered in.

Open Road

This is one of my go-to summer road trip playlists. Feel good, sunny, open road, tunes to make you feel like you're living inside of a movie soundtrack. (P.S. in another life I wanted to be a movie soundtrack maker so here’s me living my best life.)


Groovy, Baby

Some modern day funky tunes. It’ll get you dancing in your car in the summer with your windows down, trust me.

Sexy Salsa-esque Autumn Nights

Autumn Nights

I made this playlist after watching Chocolat for the ump-teenth time so I peppered in a decent amount of the soundtrack into this mix. I like to slow dance with myself to this playlist.

Classy Dinner

Dinnertime Jazz

Just some good smooth vocal jazz tunes; both old and new.



Bad bitches and solid anthems - the future is female, y’all.

If you checked out this post and have a favorite, do me a favor and comment below and let me know!