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From 2016 to 2017, I was involved in an ongoing illustration project for a children's book called The Labradoodle Who Lost His Doodle, written by Isabel Thottam, and available for purchase now!

In recent years I have contributed illustrations to a various magazine publications as well!

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Hand lettering

I've been lucky to have the opportunity to provide hand lettering services to a number of Columbus-local businesses and restaurants including Brassica, Northstar Café - Liberty Center, Rose Bredl, Pistacia Vera, and Aunt Flow.



fine art

Painting and drawing have always had my heart.
It's not as often that I'm able to work on independent projects or large commissions, but I'd love to, both within the Columbus, Ohio area and beyond!
For now, here are some past projects and mini-series that I've completed.



Custom Pet Portraits

Are you interested in having a custom, detailed portrait of your beloved fur-baby? Look no further!

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Oh yeah, and you're welcome to check out some tunes as well!


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